Thracian Tetradrachms

    Thanks to Ruth P. Thomas, Ph.D., and Margaret K. Devinney, Ph.D., at Temple University and to Eugeni I. Paunov of Bulgaria's Historical Museum in Pernik for their translations; to Thomas C. Pesacreta, Ph.D., and Richard Schaefer for their laboratory testing; and to Ilya Prokopov, Ph.D., former director of Bulgaria's National Museum of History, T.V. Buttrey of Fitzwilliam Museum, John C. Lavender of Atlantis, Ltd., and David John MacDonald, Ph.D., for reviewing this article before publication. Any mistakes or omissions of course remain my own.    



Abstraction Progression


Imitations and Thrace

Art and Barbarism

Chronology and Attribution

Origins and Collecting



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